Tips on how to eat in a wholesome and correct way


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Strong and healthy is he who knows himself. Knowing oneself means to free oneself from models that have been imposed throughout one’s life, models that don’t do any good and pull one back. Applying a basic common sense can serve as a guide for self discovery and improve our relation with food.

This can be achieved gradually, reducing by 10-30% the amount of food consumed during the day. The main food consumption must occur during breakfast, which should never be skipped. Over consumption is the cause of poor digestion, fermentation and putrefaction processes in the digestive tract, generating toxins.

Strict customizing of the diet
We are unique and unequal to food, according to what nutrition science asserts. It is therefore necessary to know the real needs of our body. For this we have to be aware of the signals that our body sends out.

Always take into consideration live food!
It is extremely beneficial to introduce in our diet at least some raw vegetables and fruit, while testing each and every one’s effect on our digestion.

Compliance with the crononutrition principles
Adapt food consumption based on the daily biorhythm, the season and the place we live in as well.

Cook at home more often and eat cooked food
Basic everyday food should be cooked at home. Canned food, ready foods should be eaten only in case of emergency. If you do not have time to cook during the week, when time allows you try cooking a larger amount of food and divide it into portions to be frozen and eaten later.

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