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Dr. Menci is a revolutionary nutritionist with fresh and extraordinary concepts that will help you protect your health! Follow his advices and learn all the food secrets. His long time experience and knowledge will help you improve your health by achieving balance in your daily nutrition.

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Have you had enough antibiotics, needles and pills and are you willing to try a more “body- friendly” treatment? From now on, the rules of healthy living will be at hand.
Dr. Cristina Bogdan, MD, a collaborator of Prof. Dr. George Mencinicopschi, can guide you towards a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
All you have to do is write your questions and messages in this section, and Dr. Cristina Bogdan will respond.
Who is Dr. Cristina Bogdan?
Dr. Cristina Bogdan, naturopath doctor at Naturopathya Med centre, is competent in acupuncture, auriculotherapy, apitherapy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, psychotherapic counseling, diet therapy and nutrition, psychopuncture, homeo-mesotherapy and aesthetic biological medicine.
With Dr. Cristina Bogdan you will receive tailored therapies in accordance with your needs and lifestyle.

According to the homeopathic approach, health, beauty and harmony blend so that maximum results are obtained at the end of therapy.
Health is improved by: acupuncture, homeopathy, apitherapy, phytotherapy, detoxification, specific diet therapy, natural treatments for various ailments.
Beauty is revealed by: facial and body massage, non-surgical aesthetic medicine, balanced nutrition programs, spa treatments with proven therapeutic effects.
Harmony is achieved by: anti-stress therapy and aromatherapy using organic oils, counselling.

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A nutrition book that will change your life!


Dr. Menci’s book will be out soon! Find out how to gain control of your health destiny. Get ready for a brilliant volume that will change your life. For more information follow our site.

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How do we lose weight the healthy way, so that we never have a weight problem again? What you knew and what you did not know about weight loss


It is currently accepted that there exists the “comfy weight” which can differ within certain limits from the “ideal weight” calculated by known formulas.

Overweight people should start losing weight according to strictly individualized programs, supervised by specialists and based on the redistribution of fat in the form of muscle mass without disrupting body functions. This is the only way stable results can be obtained, in a safe manner and followed by the desired aesthetic effect.

Obesity is characterized by different stages of development, as follows:

The dynamic phase – characterized by an increase in the intake of high caloric density foods; this phase is seldom acknowledged by the subject and is usually accompanied by a decrease in spontaneous motility and basal muscle tone; the best results are obtained when you start taking measures as early as this stage and make changes in the lifestyle.

Static phase – stable, characterized by resistance to slimming; can be done only under the supervision of qualified professionals, according to customized programs based on scientific knowledge.

In terms of energy, the weight loss diet is centered on the removal of stable thermodynamic equilibrium by caloric restriction.

One must avoid metabolic stress, which takes the form of:

•    decreased muscle mass
•    inhestetic weight loss and maintaining body fat (resistant with static obesity metabolism);
•    metabolic disorders and dangerous psycho-behavioral disorders.

As a general rule one must eat in moderation (or even eliminate) food that results from combining fatty foods with fast sugars (glucose, sucrose), of high caloric density; one must choose instead foods with low glycemic index (whole cereals, vegetables, fruits, especially those high in fructose, dietary fiber) so as to have a diversified diet (animal and vegetale proteins, vegetable oils), include nutritional supplements when appropriate.

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What are we to eat during autumn? Hints and tips



Autumn is a season of transition and change from the summer biorhythms to the cold wet winter biorhytms.

The organs that are to be protected during autumn are the lungs and the large intestine; the colour associated to this season is white. If during spring and summer the suitable vegetables were those that grew above the ground, now the ones that grow underground should be eaten: potatoes, carrots, parsnips, celery root, turnips, parsley root and tubers, spicy rhizomes such as ginger.

Food advice. What should we eat?

Autumn is the season when we should particularly avoid incorrect combinations of food. Be extremely careful and do not associate animal protein (meat, fish, cheese) with cereals (bread, rice, pasta). To ease digestion, it would be wise to eat only one protein food at a meal. We are not to associate meat with fish or cheese at the same meal. During autumn you can find: leeks, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, beets, pears, quinces, apples, squash, beans, peas, beans, lentils, nuts, Brussels sprouts, endive, fennel, mushrooms, tangerines, grapes, chicory and edible chestnuts. Elder flowers and fruits are also very wholesome. They stimulate metabolism due to their diuretic function. Grapes can be eaten for their depurative effect, but avoid excess, because they contain a lot of sugar. People who suffer from diabetes should consult their doctor before eating grapes.

Hazelnuts and walnuts are excellent foods when consumed in moderate amounts (5-10 nut cores, 15-20 hazelnuts per day,  not roasted and unsalted), because they contain a lot of anti-inflammatory essential fatty acids omega-3 and high quality proteins.

During autumn we should eat beet – raw, in salads or baked – as it contains a lot of minerals and is refreshing (it cures anemia).

Pumpkin and its many varieties are rich in carotenoids and other valuable nutrients; it protects the liver, stomach, gail bladder, prostate. Raw pumpkin kernels eaten with honey fight against intestinal parasites and are used to prevent prostate cancer.

White or black radish, ginger, beet, celery are extremely beneficial for the functioning of the liver. Therefore, once the cold season starts we should have a larger dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other phytonutrients and be as little intoxicated as possible, so as to cope with the toxic heavy foods eaten during winter, as well as face the cold weather and humidity. The immune system must be strengthened this season by eating fruits and vegetables that prevent the occurrence of specific winter diseases.

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