Heavy meal, cluttered digestion!


At Christmas we usually indulge ourselves with traditional dishes, but our ancestors ate heavy foods in moderation and only at celebrations.

Warning! Almost all the traditional dishes of food are made from ingredients that are incompatible and their combination makes food difficult to digest, with many calories; once combined with large quantities of alchohol, we’ll end up at the hospital!

At Christmas we have to keep in mind the fact that some of us have been fasting and gross consumption of such indigestible foods, accompanied by too much alcohol can trigger acute pancreatic crisis, which is extremely dangerous and also indigestion, which can easily spoil our celebration.

We should approach Christmas dinner with great moderation – small and frequent meals are mostly recommended, followed by walks out in the fresh air. It is out of the question to smoke in the room where we eat!

It is advised as a just in case measure to use digestive food supplements – enzymes and bile salts based. It is also recommended to eat raw pineapple for easy digestion. Take breaks while eating and be careful to avoid inappropriate associations. Try to eat one dish at a time and then take a break.

Do not guzzle, do not rush, chew food really well and do not combine food with alcohol. Refrain from smoking. When you sit at the table you must be rested, you should create a pleasant, calm environment while listening to Christmas music.

All types of food are not only extremely difficult to digest, but they also have lots of fats and calories. The solution is to eat each food product separately, in moderate quantities and not mix food. Do not rush to finish all at once.

Thus, you will enjoy the holidays and you will have not only nutritious, but also spiritual food. It is precisely this great celebration that requires us to restrain from eating, as a superior proof of faith of the human being whose inner self is lightened by the divine spark.

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