If it’s fasting period, then it’s time to detox!


During the fasting period our body purifies, detoxifies and our diet is balanced. In order for our body not to suffer nutritional imbalances it is highly important that the fasting diet be adapted to the everyone’s needs.

Fasting is seen from the medical perspective as a change in diet, but remember that not everyone gets the same benefits. It is important to know that fasting should be approached differently and according to age: a young man with an active lifestyle will not have the same diet as an elderly with a sedentary lifestyle. In principle, the fasting diet should be extremely varied and must contain potatoes (the main vegetable one has during fasting period), fruits (bananas, apples, pears, lemons, oranges, etc.), vegetable oils, nuts and seeds (fat).

What to eat

Here are some dishes you can eat during the fasting period: pie with olives or onions, vegetarian pizza, carrot salad with radishes, cauliflower salad with garlic, cabbage, potatoes, beans, celery, winter salads, dandelion salad, all seasoned with sauces such as spicy sauce, spicy horseradish, Italian dressing or vegetable mayonnaise. Try also soups made of onions, tomatoes, lentils, vegetables, scallions..

You can also try some light dishes such as cream beans, roasted mushrooms, green mushrooms, food mushrooms with celery, steamed vegetables with mustard sauce, vegetable soup, peppers stuffed with walnuts, with pumpkin seeds, mushrooms, rice with mushrooms, peas, vegetable stew, steamed potatoes, potatoes with pickles, cabbage, spinach, leeks and celery, bean ragout, nettles, cocoa cake.

In addition, you can eat a lot of dried fruit (dates, figs, apricots), seeds (pumpkin, sunflower), raw nuts (cashew, Brazilian), almonds, etc.

Moreover, during the fasting period you are allowed many times to eat fish, there is Shrove Tuesday for cheese, meat, which helps balance the diet with proteins and animal fats of high nutritional quality.

About vegetable pate

You can find available on the market the vegetable pate which unfortunately mimics the composition of the pates made of meat and liver: water, hydrogenated vegetable oil (margarine) or aromatic, soy protein, iodized salt, seasoning extract , mustard, flavors. They contain allergens such as: gluten, celery, mustard, soy.

People who suffer from DIABETES should be extremely careful as this kind of pate contains carbohydrates that are to be subtracted from the daily ration. Due to the fact that vegetable pate is highly-fat, it is are not recommended for those with dyslipidemia, heart disease, overweight, or for obese persons. These products contain salt, sugar and hidden fats that we must not overlook.

Because of the many E numbers vegetable pate contains, it is not recommended for children, for people with heart diseases or for pregnant women. Sometimes vegetable pate contains ingredients that are not allowed during the fasting period and therefore, as a general rule, make sure to read the label thoroughly.

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