What you need to know about organic food


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With the widespread use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, industrial systems for intensive growth of plants and animals, genetically modified organisms, food additives, artificial flavorings and environmental pollution, consumer’s health has become critical.

The current need when it comes to obtaining food is to use fewer chemicals, minimal processing and as many biologically active natural compounds as possible. Because the human body is permanently confronting with aggressions of all kinds, it must be sustained and defended by eating less polluted foods with high nutritious and biological potential.

A food product can be labeled as organic or biological only if it was produced under the strict monitoring of an independent certifier. The certifier will follow the food product throughout the production chain, starting with soil quality, water and air quality, synthetic chemicals are not to be used (fertilizers, pesticides, and hormones); genetically modified organisms and hybrid breeds are also not allowed.

Finally, the organic product will have two labels on the package, namely: the first is OA – organic agriculture that belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture and the second label belongs to the certifier. After we are sure that the food product is organic, we have to take into account that it must obey the nutritional rules to be truly wholesome.

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