Water and its contribution to optimal digestion!



Water is the vital fluid that has no calories; humans cannot last for more than 3 days without water. An adult who performs regular physical activity in normal thermal and moisture conditions needs 1.5-2 liters of drinking water per day. Typically, this amount can vary considerably depending on the climate (water requirement in the desert is 1 liter per hour), on physical and mental effort and on the diet type.

Water content in the human body depends on age, sex and personal degree of adiposity. A young person will have higher water content than an older one. Men have an average of 55% water content, while women have 50% water content due to the increased development of the adipose tissue.

Water is the only liquid that effectively hydrates the body and physiologically quenches thirst, while also ensuring intake of minerals. No fluid food can replace water on the long-term without causing metabolic disorders and without health to be affected. Daily water requirement is different depending on weight, age, climate and physical effort.

Note! Do not mistake thirst for hunger; when you are hungry you may in fact be thirsty! With age, the confusion gets worse and industrially refined foods contribute to the disruption of food behaviors.

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