Diet for cellulite prevention and treatment



From the very beginning we must say that there is no universal anti-cellulite diet and that in fact it’s not about any diet, but rather a custom made anti-cellulite lifestyle.

Your skin, buttocks and thighs are soft, fluffy, cotton- like due to the damage of the deep subcutaneous fat tissue, which is under the epidermis and dermis. This tissue is composed mainly of connective fibers that surround the groups of fat cells organized in the shape of a cluster, forming fat panicles.

With no exercising, the subcutaneous tissue does not burn excess fat and does not eliminate water. So, more and more water, fat and toxins are accumulated, triggering an inflammatory process; adipocytes grow and deform until the skin becomes flaccid, with no elasticity – thus, cellulite signs appear.
On the other hand, with age the ability of the collagen to regenerate decreases (collagen provides elasticity and youthful skin aspect). And that’s the way cellulite will get worse!

Bye bye sweets!

Refined foods with high glycemic index and high glycemic loads that are eaten in excess provide a large amount of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates, which are partly transformed into energy and glycogen. Excess sugar is converted into fat that grows in the fatty tissue.

Industrial or domestic refined foods are poor in nutrients, micronutrients and non-nutrients, consequently modifying the quality and quantity of essential connective tissue that brings forth the architecture and supple skin.

Sedentary lifestyle makes things worse, as it prevents toxin elimination and liquid draining. Faulty breathing and its effects of hypoxia, oxygenation and detoxification only makes things worse.

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